Cards Limits

Becard limits
Becard limits Credit card limits

Becard Limits

International Monthly Cash Withdrawal
EGP 3,000 (Currently Unavailable)
EGP 1,000 (Currently Unavailable)
Local Daily Cash Withdrawal
EGP 30,000
EGP 30,000
e-Commerce Monthly
EGP 137,500
EGP 75,000
International Monthly Purchase
EGP 12,000 (Currently Unavailable)
EGP 7,000 (Currently Unavailable)

* Any international transaction (Currently unavailable)

Credit Card Limits

e-Commerce limit daily
EGP 120,000
Monthly Purchase (Int)
Default is EGP 10,000 - In case of travelling, please call us at 16607 to reactivate the original foreign currency credit card limit equivalent to EGP 75,000 for the duration of the travel period only. For more info, please call 16607
Monthly Cash Limit (Int)
EGP 1,500
Daily Cash limit (local)
EGP 15,000
Daily Purchase Local
According to Card Limit

Starting from 14 March 2024, any newly issued credit cards will not be eligible for international limits activation in Egypt and abroad before 2 months from issuance date

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do if my debit card is stolen or lost?

    You should deactivate your card immediately through our online banking / mobile app or call Customer Experience Management Team 16607.

  • How can I increase my credit card limit?

    You need to submit your request to your request will be evaluated based on the bank credit criteria and will be processed if meeting the criteria; if not accepted, you will be notified by either email or notification, and you can call the Customer Experience Management Team 16607 for more info.

  • Can I use my credit card abroad and on an international e-commerce sites?

    Of course, you can use your credit card for purchase and cash withdrawal locally & internationally; for more info about the limits please call Customer Experience Management Team 16607.

  • In case of traveling abroad, what should I do ?

    Thanks to call Customer Experience Management Team 16607 to leave a travel note so that you can ensure that the card works properly abroad.