Your safety comes first for bebasata.

In this direction, you can rest assured that we use the most up-to-date security-related technologies while applying the highest standards. Moreover, we would like to share with you some security tips to ensure confidentiality of your account information.

Is your contact information on bebasata up to date?

In cases where we might need to reach you urgently, it is very important that your Contact Information (mobile phone and e-mail) registered in our database are up to date. For this reason, please ensure to keep this information up to date at all times.

Are you sure you are using the real bebasata internet banking service and mobile application?

You must log in to our internet service by typing  in your web browser (not by clicking on the links sent via SMS or e-mail).

Kindly note that bebasata will never send you a link to log in to our internet banking service via SMS or e-mail.

You may encounter fake advertisements using bebasata's brand name and logo on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) or search results containing fake site links in search engines, please be careful and do not click on any link related in addition always check the web address and security certificate of the website opened.

You should only use our mobile banking application by downloading it from App Store, Google Play, if you see our apps on non-official platforms, please ignore and inform us immediately.

Is the person calling you really a bebasata employee?>

When we call you, we will never ask you to give us your internet password, card password, OTP (One Time Password) sent to your phone or any information printed or written on your card. If someone says that they are calling you on behalf of bebasata and wants you to share any of this information, please hang up immediately and inform us.

How do you ensure your own security?

  • To make sure you’re on a secure web server, check the beginning of the web address in your browsers address bar – it should be https://” rather than just http://
  • Always look for the SSL lock icon at the bottom or the top of the browser window for secure online transaction/banking
  • Do not access bebasata internet banking from public PCs (i.e Internet café, etc,..) or through public Wi-Fi connections, this is to keep your confidential data secure. In case you have to, please follow the instructions below:
    • Turn off sharing on your device through the setting options before accessing public Wi-Fi connections.
    • Use VPN connections while using public Wi-Fi connections.
    • Avoid connections to Wi-Fi hotspot “automatically”.
    • Use secure protocols “HTTPS” when accessing any browsers.
    • Turn on firewall on your device.

General Guidelines for protecting your Passwords:

  • Do not write down or disclose your password anywhere or to anybody whatever the reason.
  • Change your password immediately whenever you suspect any suspicious action on internet banking.
  • Never place your card's password close to your cards.


You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) when we need to check your identification. This is an additional security measure we use to ensure that our clients conduct secure transactions.

. We can understand that you are the one who logs into the internet and mobile branch or performs the transaction for your transactions that require additional security. It is a second level security measure of ours.

In case of doubt, please call us immediately!

If you have any security-related problems, encounter a suspicious transaction, or if your mobile phone, on which our mobile branch is installed, is stolen/lost, you should immediately call our Solution Center at 16607 and report the situation for further investigation & support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the OTP?

    OTP stands for a “one-time password” which you will receive via SMS. You will use it to verify your identification and protect your transactions against any risks.

  • How can I protect my password?

    Choose passwords with the following characteristics:Not less than 8 characters in length.Away from any personal identification or could easily be guessed (i.e. birthday, telephone number, …).Avoid using simple passwords and must comply with complexity.requirements (i.e. Contains letters, numbers and special characters, in caps and small).Never use password as or close to system user name.Change passwords periodically (at least every 90 days and preferable less).Do not use passwords that are used previously for 4 times before.Do not write down or disclose your password anywhere or to anybody whatever the reason.Change your password immediately whenever you suspect any suspicious action on internet banking. Never place cards password close your cards.

  • What should I do in case there is a suspicious action or transaction on my user access account, or accounts or personal details?

    You should call Customer Experience Management Team 16607 immediately for further investigation & support.

  • What should I pay attention to so that I can protect my banking info?

    You should not give the username, password, card numbers, client ID to anyone to access your account under any circumstances.