Bill payment
Bill payment Befast service

Bill payment:

Now you can pay all your bills in the easiest, fastest and most secure way using the bill payment feature in the bebasata mobile app. Save your time & handle your bill payments from your place with a click.

With bebasata bill payment, you can:

  • Recharge your line or pay your mobile bill through bebasata bill payment which is connected to all telecom companies.
  • Pay your internet & telecom bill without the hassle of waiting or going to the store.
  • Pay all the utilities, electric, gas, water etc...
  • Easily donate and spread the happiness in hearts through the multiple donation platforms.
  • Settle your credit card payments for any other bank without any hassle.
  • Book your plane ticket or renew your license and pay many other governmental services through bebasata immediate bill payment method.
  • Pay your Facebook & Tiktok ads, and renew your subscription at Spotify, OSN, and Shahid using Fawry network. Select Payments→ Other Fawry Payments →@Fawry →Fawry Pay.

All of these can be done through the same QNB bebasata application.

Befast service

Our Befast service allows you to easily save your favorite or regular transfers/payments to facilitate your repeated transactions. You can delete these types of transfers/payments at any time whenever you don’t need them any more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I pay using Fawry bill payment service available in mobile app?

    You can pay your bills, utilities, bookings, donations, etc… though the bill payment service in the bebasata mobile app using Fawry Network.

  • Which account will be used for bill payment?

    Current account.

  • What if I made unsuccessful bill payment transaction using “Fawry network”?

    You can submit a dispute request to QNB bebasata through attaching all supporting documents and info.

  • How can I submit a dispute request?

    You can dispute any transaction related to your Debit Card, credit card, or ATM deposits, right through the mobile app. Press on Settings à Dispute management for more info, please contact Customer Experience Management Team 16607.