• Minimum opening balance is EGP 1.

  • Tiered savings account (the more you save, the higher interest you gain).

  • Daily interest calculation and monthly interest posting.

  • Available in EGP only.

  • No debit transactions are allowed on savings account except for transfers between one's own accounts. 

  • You can open multiple saving accounts (max. 5 accounts), and you can rename them based on your savings goal. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the savings account and what are its benefits?

    The savings account has an interest which is calculated on a daily basis and is credited monthly. You can rename and manage multiple savings accounts based on your saving goals.

  • Why can't I always do all kinds of transactions from my savings account?

    Since we designed the savings account to allow you save more, we've made it a little harder for you to pay or spend from this account. If you want to use the money in your savings account, you must first transfer your money to your main EGP current account and then withdraw it as cash from the ATM. By doing so we tried to make you think twice before spending your savings, because the more you save, the higher interest you gain via the tiered interest rates.

  • Will I have the same interest rate, if I save more?

    We created the tiered savings account to encourage you to save more. The more you save, the higher interest you gain.

  • If I close my savings account before the end of the month, will I get my accrued interest?

    Yes, you will get it and we will credit the amount to your EGP current account.