Message from Our Management

With the launch of QNB bebasata, we are proud to be at the forefront of Egypt’s digital vision, embracing the rapid evolution of its banking sector and contributing in the nation’s journey towards a digital economy. It is not only the products and services that differentiate QNB bebasata from the market, but also how we opt to deliver those services to our clients; Our motto is to offer the best client experience so you can enjoy a smarter, simpler and more convenient digital banking journey.

With an aim to become the first digital banking solution service in Egypt providing a full digital banking experience, QNB bebasata brought by QNB ALAHLI marks the start of a new digital banking era.

QNB bebasata

is a state of the art digital banking proposition, characterized by a user-friendly interface while offering the first fully digital banking experience in Egypt. QNB bebasata relies on QNB Al Ahli’s secure and robust infrastructure while adhering to the highest standards of legal and regulatory compliance that QNB Al Ahli is subject to.

With QNB bebasata, save your time; being a member of QNB bebasata family, you will no longer need to avail time for visiting and waiting in branches instead; every service you need is now accessible through online channels and only a click away; starting with initiating your bank account with us, a simple transfer from your account or even a complex loan application you will always be saving time and effort.

With QNB bebasata, you will now be part of a worldwide privileged customer base who enjoy a high-end Digital-only Banking experience with endless benefits such as: zero account opening fees, zero account periodical fees, competitive deposits rates, zero commissions and reduced fees in addition to a wide array of benefits. Enjoy the extensive QNB ALAHLI ATMs network which will always be ready to serve you in + 700 locations.

With QNB bebasata find your ultimate convenience; being a member of QNB bebasata family allows you to enjoy a 24/7 impeccable customer service, you only need your mobile and an internet connection to perform ALL your banking transactions. We make sure our services are available wherever and whenever you need us right from the first minute; we will always avail our team services from the comfort of your place.

QNB bebasata was created to value your financial needs and strive to satisfy it;


QNB bebasata aims to provide a hassle-free banking experience: leveraging on core principles such as simplicity in every aspect, customer orientation, and service excellence.

I truly hope you will enjoy every moment of your QNB bebasata journey and make the best of your privileged banking experience.