What is bebasata?
My bank also provides internet and mobile banking services. Why should I change my bank?
You don’t need to change your bank to become one of our clients. Just open an account with us and enjoy our special benefits, such as zero subscription, periodic fees, and commission. Our digital banking products & services are full of benefits & privileges which make your banking experience smarter. 

Can I have account here and QNB ALAHLI at the same time? Or do I have to choose one of the two?
You don't have to choose one of the two. You can have both accounts. Because both channels are completely different and separate from each other. Taking into your consideration that, these accounts will be managed separately from each other; the features and conditions of products & services are different from each other.

What are QNB bebasata channels where I can be served?
  • We have ensured availing several dedicated communication channels to our clients:

   Our website:

   Mobile app

   Online banking

   ATMs of all domestic and foreign banks (QNB ALAHLI ATM)

  • You can also communicate with us through:

   Customer Experience Management Team: 16607

   Clients’ inquiries: customer.inquiry@bebasata.qnbalahlı.com

   Client’s concerns/feedback: customer.experience@bebasata.qnbalahlı.com

   Clients’ requests:ı.com (via clients’ authorized mails)



What’s different about QNB bebasata compared to QNB ALAHLI digital channels (Internet banking/mobile banking)?
  • QNB ALAHLI internet banking/mobile banking allow clients to do several transactions remotely/online instead of visiting QNB ALAHLI branches. On the other hand, some other transactions cannot be carried out online and require clients’ presence in the branches to be executed
  • In contrary, we design bebasata digital service that you don’t need to visit a physical branch as we apply branchless concept, while becoming a client, after becoming a client, and even when applying for any product/service and carrying out your banking transactions. Everything is done digitally.

    What is QNB bebasata and what’s new to be offered?
    • With an aim to become a very special digital platform, QNB bebasata brought by QNB ALAHLI marks the start of a new digital banking era.
    • Our motto is to offer best in class client experience so that our clients can enjoy a smarter, simpler and more convenient digital banking journey. Just download QNB bebasata app or visit our website and we will be really happy to be one of our customers.

    How can I become a client?
    Can I open a corporate account?
    Currently, we can open account for individuals only.

    I am already a QNB ALAHLI client. What should I do to subscribe your platform? Do I need to apply in here too?
    Yes, whether you are an existing QNB ALAHLI client or not, you need to apply in our platform to become a client and open account & benefit from its exclusive advantages. 

    How can I become a client?
    Simply fill in the on boarding application form from our website or mobile app. Then, you will receive a call from us to schedule an appointment with you at your address (only for one time) to sign the contract and to receive your debit card instantly. By then, you have become a client & you can enjoy our benefits. 

    What are the required documents that you need to open a new account?
    Generally, you will need:
    • A valid national ID or the passport for foreigners (for adults only)
    • A new utility bill (Gas, electric or water)
    • Source of fund & valid residence for foreigners
    The bank has the right to ask for further documents.

    Can foreign nationals apply to open an account with you?
    Foreign nationals that have a valid residence, can apply to open account.

    Can I hand in cash to your representative when he visits me to deposit it in my account?
    No, you won’t be able to do so. Our representative will assist you only to sign the contract & give you an orientation about us. You can deposit money at any of QNB ALAHLI ATMs.

    Are there any subscription or periodical fees for QNB bebasata products and services?
    There are not any subscription or periodical fees for QNB bebasata products and services. For other tariffs applied, please click here.


    Current account
    For how long can I go back to review my transaction on my accounts?
    You can go back up to one year for transactions review; if you would like to go back for earlier transactions more than one year, you can refer to your e-statement for this historical data.

    Why is current account available in USD & EUR only?
    While designing our products, we have always considered your basic needs and the products and services you use most. For this reason, we just included these two most commonly used foreign currencies in Egypt. Later, we might present more foreign currencies based on your banking needs.

    How can I track and control my accounts?
    You can track and control all your accounts via online banking and mobile app by reviewing your transactions & movements. You can also regularly check your e-statement.

    How can I deposit money to my current account?
    • You can do an electronic money transfer from another account. You can also use all QNB ALAHLI ATMs that accept cash deposits to deposit cash into your current account in EGP.
    • Since we are providing services only through digital channels, we expect you to use QNB ALAHLI branches only for the below exceptional cases: For cash deposit / withdrawal with amounts greater than your debit cards limit.  For cash deposit / withdrawal in foreign currency.


    What is applied value date policy?
    • When you deposit money in EGP through ATM machines, the value date will be Day+1 Working Day.
    • When you deposit money in EGP over the counter at any branch the value date will be Day+2 Working Day.
    • When you deposit FCY over the counter at any branch the value date will be Day+4 Working Day.
    • When you receive ACH incoming transfer during working days, the value date will be same day
    • When you receive ACH incoming transfer during days off, the value date will be next working day.
    • When you receive Internal transfer during working days, the value date will be same day
    • When you receive Internal transfer during days off, the value date will be next working day
    • When you receive IPN transfer during working days, the value date will be same day
    • When you receive IPN transfer during days off, the value date for ATM cash withdrawals and card purchases will be next working day and the value date for transfer will be same day .

    What is the minimum opening balance for current account?
    Minimum opening balance is EGP 1.

    What can I do if I need to get a stamped bank statement, certificate of liabilities, Pension Transfer letter, Salary Transfer letter?
    You can request it through mobile app from “Help Tap”. For more info, contact Customer Experience Management Team 16607

    How can I open a current Account in EGP?
    Current account in EGP is automatically opened as soon as you become a client. If you would like to open an additional current account in USD or EUR after becoming our clients, you can do this simply through the online banking or mobile app.

    Will I get an e-statement for my accounts?
    Yes, you will have an e-statement for all your accounts separately through mobile app and internet banking.

    What is the Current Account?
    It’s your main account where all your main account transactions occur from. It’s non-earning interest account, but you can enjoy fast, easy transactions. You can use your money in this account whenever you want. You can easily and smoothly make your transfers and payments through this account.

    Are there any periodic/issuance charges?
    No periodic/issuance charges will be applied.

    Can I withdraw/deposit over the counter?
    Since QNB bebasata clients’ nature is mostly towards digital channels, they are normally requested to withdraw from ATMs and deposit via QNB AA ATMs network. In case you withdraw over the counter for amounts less than debit card daily withdrawal limit, a charge of EGP50 will be applied per transaction.  However, there are very limited cases where you will need to withdraw/deposit over the counter such as:
    • You need to deposit/withdraw FCY from your bebasata current account (at zero fees)
    • You need to withdraw /deposit amounts greater than daily limits applied (at zero fees)
    • Branch ATM is temporary out of service or ATM does not accept cash for deposit transaction

    How can I find the account transactions movement?
    You can find it on account e-statement or transaction movement receipt on mobile app and internet banking.

    Saving account
    Do you calculate the interest on my savings account at the end of the month or daily?
    The interest is calculated daily on your end of day balance & credit monthly to your account.

    What is the savings account and what are its benefits?
    The savings account has an interest which is calculated on a daily basis and is credited monthly. You can rename and manage multiple savings accounts based on your saving goals.

    Can I use my savings account in shopping, online payment, etc.?
    Unfortunately, you cannot do shopping from your savings account. You can use your debit card linked to your main Current Account in EGP to spend. This is to help you save more in your savings accounts.

    Why can't I always do all kinds of transactions from my savings account?
    Since we designed the savings account to allow you save more, we've made it a little harder for you to pay or spend from this account. If you want to use the money in your savings account, you must first transfer your money to your main EGP current account and then withdraw it as cash from the ATM. By doing so we tried to make you think twice before spending your savings, because the more you save, the higher interest you gain via the tiered interest rates.

    Will I have the same interest rate, if I save more?
    We created the tiered savings account to encourage you to save more. The more you save, the higher interest you gain.

    Is there any minimum amount to open savings account?
    Minimum opening amount is EGP 1; you do not need to have big amount of money to open a Savings account. Your intention is enough. 

    Are there any opening /periodic charges?
    No opening /periodic charges will be applied.

    Time deposit account (TD)
    At maturity of the TD, what ‘s the available options?
    You have 3 options:
    • TD principal + Interest are credited to your account.
    • TD principal to be automatically renewed.
    • TD principal + interest to be automatically renewed.

    How can I issue a TD?
    You can issue TD instantly by selecting the tenor and the amount using mobile app or online banking.

    Is there a minimum amount to create TD?
    Minimum amount is EGP 1,000 and could be increased by any amount.

    What is the TD (time deposit) and what are its benefits?
    TDs is a best option for your short term saving plan in EGP with very preferential rate. You can create TD to earn competitive interest at the end of TD duration. The money should remain in the TD till the maturity date to enjoy the interest; also, you can rename your TDs based on your saving goal. Meanwhile we have a variety tenors of TDs 1 month, 3 months & 6 months with fixed interest rate. You can renew your TD automatically.

    Can I create more than one TD?
    You can create multiple TDs and you can rename them based on your saving goals.

    Can I break the TD at any time?
    Breakage is available at any time but partial breakage is not available & If TD is broken before maturity date, zero interest will be paid.

    Certificate of deposit account (CD)
    What is CD (certificate deposit) and what are its benefits?
    You can invest your money and let it grow with our CDs and secure your future by having fixed source of income regularly; it is available in EGP only. Also, you can get a secured loan against your CD at any time. You can maximize your savings by transferring the interest gained from the CD to your savings account. 

    What if I want to break the CD, can I break it at any time?
    CD can be broken at any time 6 months after its issuance date (partial breakage is also available). Breaking will be based on the bank declared breaking schedule.

    How can I issue a CD and what are the available tenors?
    You can issue the CD instantly by selecting the amount only using mobile app or online banking, meanwhile the available tenor is 3 years; you can choose to among different periodicities of interest payment: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.  

    Can I break CD to settle outstanding loan or credit card?
    Yes, you can send request to break the pledged CD to settle the loan or credit card by submitting a request to 

    Can I break my CD if I have any secured facility against it?
    You must settle the secured loan first, then you can break the CD.

    Is there a minimum amount to create CD?
    Minimum issuance is EGP 1,000 and can be increased by its multiples; there are no maximum number of CDs you can issue.

    Dormant Account
    When does my account turn into dormant?
    When any of withdrawal, deposit transactions, or electronic/authenticated balance inquiry don’t occur on account for one year with respect to current account and 2 years for savings account  

    How to avoid my account to be dormant?
    Through executing purchase transaction using QNB bebasata debit card, or ATM balance inquiry, cash withdrawal transaction, cash deposit, or do a transfer from your account through mobile app/internet banking   

    In case my account turned into dormant , how to reactivate my account?
    Through logging in QNB bebasata mobile app/online banking or do an ATM balance inquiry, or calling Customer Experience Management Team 16607   

    In case all my accounts turned into dormant, how to reactivate my accounts?
    Please call Customer Experience Management Team 16607    

    Closing account
    How can I close my account?
    You can submit the account closure request and fulfill all mandatory data via the internet banking or mobile app.

    What if I want to close my savings account?
    Available balance in the savings account will be automatically transferred to your current account once you request to close the account.

    Can I close my current account in EGP and foreign currency?
    • You can’t close the current account in EGP since it is your main account but you can contact the Customer Experience Management team 16607 to execute your request or send us at
    • For foreign currency, yes sure you can; if there is still available balance in your current account in foreign currency (an automatic alert message will appear asking you to withdraw or transfer amounts in order to proceed with the request); once you transfer/withdraw the money, you will be able to submit an account closure request on the next working day.

    If I close my savings account before the end of the month, will I get my accrued interest?
    Yes, you will get it and we will credit the amount to your EGP current account.


    Debit card
    What are the benefits of your debit card?
    The Bebasata debit card is a contactless card available in EGP which gives you privileges such as paying for your purchases domestically and internationally, while making experiences like shopping, hotel reservations, and bill payments cashless.

    How the card will be renewed?
    The cards are renewed automatically upon the expiry date.

    What should I do if my debit card is stolen or lost?
    You should deactivate your card immediately through our online banking / mobile app or call Customer Experience Management Team 16607.  

    How will I receive a renewed or re-issued debit card?
    You will receive it through a courier at your determined address, and you can activate the card upon receiving it through our mobile app or through our Customer Experience Management Team at 16607.  

    What are the other services I can have when using ATM rather than withdrawing cash?
    You can check your balance, you can have a mini statement; you can also change your PIN but through QNB ALAHLI ATMs only.

    When can I re-issue a new debit card?
    • Whenever you want a personalized debit card including your name embossed on the card.
    • Card damaged.
    • Card lost or stolen.

    If I want a customized debit Card with my name, can I get it?
    Yes, we can offer you a customized debit card carrying your name; but in this case, there will be issuance fees for the card, and you can request it from 16607 through our customer solution center or authorized mail:

    How can I track my purchase transactions?
    You will get a free SMS after each purchase transaction, and you can also track your transactions through checking the account movements on the mobile app or internet banking.

    How can I deactivate and re-issue another the debit card?
    You can deactivate your debit card through the mobile app, online banking, or calling the Customer Experience Management Team 16607 and a request for card re-issuance will be done automatically. The re-issued card will be delivered to you by the courier; upon receiving the card, you can activate it through the mobile app or calling 16607.

    Are there issuance/renewal fees for my debit card?
    No issuance/ renewal fees for your debit card.

    Can I link my debit card to my savings account or any other account?
    No, it is only linked to current account in EGP to help you not to withdraw from your savings so that they can easily grow.

    How can I activate my debit card?
    • You already receive your card activated when you receive it for the 1st time upon finishing the on boarding journey.
    • To activate a re-issued debit card, you need to call the Customer Experience Management team 16607 or send to

    When will I receive my debit card?
    You will receive his debit card within 5 working days from request submission date.

    How can I create or change the pin code?
    You create or change a pin code for the debit card through any QNB ALAHLI ATMs.

    In case I ask for a personalized debit card, shall I be able to use my old debit card?
    No, you will not be able to use the old debit card; the old card will be deactivated automatically upon issuing the new one.

    What is the expiry duration for my debit card?
    5 years.

    What if my card is captured when using any of QNB ALAHLI ATM?
    In case of the card was captured in branch ATMs, please visit the branch to receive the card, but if you didn’t visit the branch, the card will be destructed and the you can apply to reissue another card through our Customer Experience Management Team 16607 or sending a mail to

    Credit card
    In case my credit card request is rejected, how will I know?
    We will inform you via notification / e-mail that your request has been rejected & you can contact Customer Experience Management Team 16607 for more details.

    What is the International limits for QNB bebasata Credit Card ?
    You can find the international limits for QNB bebasata Credit Cards here .

    Can I use my credit card abroad and on an international e-commerce sites?
    Of course, you can use your credit card for purchase and cash withdrawal locally & internationally; for more info about the limits please call Customer Experience Management Team 16607.

    My Credit Card doesn’t work properly, what should I do?
    When your credit card is broken, does not work properly, or has any problem you should notify us by sending an e-mail from your authorized e-mail to or by calling our QNB bebasata Customer Experience Management Team 16607 to solve your problem or request a new card if necessary.  

    Can I pay bills with my credit card ?
    • Of course, you can; you can do the needed transaction through the entity POS or their website or applications.
    • You can also pay your bills via Fawry network (bill payment) integrated in our mobile app.

    In case of traveling abroad, what should I do ?
    Thanks to call Customer Experience Management Team 16607 to leave a travel note so that you can ensure that the card works properly abroad.

    Are there issuance/renewal fees for my credit card?
    No issuance/renewal fees for your credit card.  

    I don’t want to use my credit card anymore, how can I cancel it?
    You can call QNB bebasata Customer Experience Management Team 16607 or send from your authorized email to to cancel your card. But first you should settle your outstanding balance for credit card. 

    For how long can I go back to review my transaction on my credit card?
    You can go back up to one month for transactions review; if you would like to go back for earlier transactions more than one month, you can refer to your e-statement for this historical data.

    Can I make installment transactions at QNB ALAHLI POS merchants?
    Yes, of course you can make an installment transaction though QNB ALAHLI POS merchants’ network.

    My credit card application was not accepted, why?
    Your application is evaluated based on our credit policies and relevant legal regulations & I-Score. But for information, please call our Customer Experience Management Team 16607.

    How can I settle my credit card transactions?
    You can settle your credit card amount through the internet banking or mobile app by transfer the amount from your current account to the credit card and if you didn’t settle it, we will automatically deduct the minimum payment which is 5% from your total utilization.

    Can I pay my QNB ALAHLI credit card using QNB bebasata mobile app/online banking from QNB bebasata current account?
    Yes you can, but it is not recommended because you will be charged the transfer fees; so we advise you to settle your QNBAA credit card using QNBAA mobile banking/internet banking from QNBAA accounts for free without bearing any additional charges. 

    Can I request automatically settlement for my outstanding balance?
    Certainly. You have the freedom to settle your outstanding balance from 5% to 100% based on your financial capability.

    What are the types of credit card that you offer?
    • Fully secured - against your CD (Limit is up to 80% of the CD principal amount) 
    • Unsecured - against club membership.

    Who can apply for credit card?
    Anyone can apply for credit card (except Youth clients). However, it should be either against your CD or against certain clubs membership set us. All applications are evaluated within our credit policies, considering the bank criteria.

    I received my credit card, but how can I know the pin?
    You can create your PIN through two channels:
    • Via QNB bebasata website Credit Card page "Set your pin" or tap directly here 
    • Or call customer experience management team on 16607 and create your PIN through the IVR service.

    If I don’t have CDs, can I get a credit card?
    The card can be fully secured against QNB bebasata CDs or unsecured against your club membership (clubs list identified by the bank). For more info, contact Customer Experience Management Team 16607 

    How can I activate my credit card?
    You can activate your card through our mobile app or please call 16607.

    What are the benefits of your credit card?
    By using the bebasata credit card, you can enjoy the contactless service of buying whatever you wish instantaneously and easily while paying safely later on with free issuance / renewal fees. You can easily shop, pay, and withdraw cash within the limits offered to you locally & internationally. On the other hand, you can settle your credit card dues easily through our online banking & mobile app.  

    My credit card arrived, but I was not at the address I specified at that time. How can I receive my card?
    If you were not there at the address, the courier company will try to contact you for three consecutive delivery attempts. If the courier company does not contact you in a short time, please call us on 16607 Customer Experience Management Team to help you in redelivering it again.

    Secured loan

    Secured loan
    What is the secured loan?
    EGP Secured Loan against CDs is a loan that allows you to cover your expenses without losing your savings; here we grant you a loan secured against your bebasata CD. 

    How can I apply for the secured loan?
    Via mobile application & online banking.

    How will I know that my loan request is not accepted?
    We will inform you via notification/email that your request has not been accepted & you can contact Customer Experience Management Team 16607 for more details.

    Can I pay the installment on quarterly basis?
    No, monthly installment is only available.

    What will happen if I didn’t pay the loan installment on its due date?
    You will be charged for late payment fees, and this will affect your credit history and may cause negative impact whenever you apply for any facility later on.

    What are the available durations of the loan?
    The loan duration starts from 6 months and can reach up to 120 months.

    Can I get the loan against any external CD or TD?
    No, you can’t.

    What is the minimum / maximum amount of secured loan?
    Minimum amount is EGP 5,000 and maximum amount is up to EGP 1,000,000 including all secured facilities. 

    Do I pay any administrative fees for the secured loan?
    Yes, there are administrative fees for the secured loan, yet they are very discounted, for more info about the administrative fees, please click here.

    What is the maximum financing ratio of the secured loan?
    Up to 90% of CDs principal amount for matching, extended, and remaining durations options.

    Can I settle the loan payment from my savings account?
    No, you can only settle it from current account in EGP to help you better increase your saving.

    Who can apply for the secured loan?
    Adults only, youths are not eligible. 


    What if I receive an incoming transfer in USD/EUR and I don’t have an account with this currency?
    You will be notified via your authorized email or phone call to open a sub-account in the currency of the transfer so that the transfer can take place.

    Who bears the correspondent charges for swift outgoing transfers (receiver, sender or shared by both)?
    By default, charges are equally shared by sender and receiver unless the sender requests to be borne by him/her or by the receiver via calling 16607 or sending an e-mail to .

    How can I know that my external transfer is done? Can I get proof for transfer execution?
    You will receive an email with an attached copy of transfer confirming that the transfer is done or rejected with the reason of rejection.

    Are there tariffs for transfers?
    Yes, but very reasonable; for more information, please check our website.

    How would I know that I received a transfer if I am expecting a transfer from another bank?
    You will receive an email with an attached copy of the incoming transfer.

    What kind of transfers can I do here?
    • You can transfer within your accounts here, to beneficiaries in here/QNBAA & to other banks.
    • You can also do transfers in local & foreign currencies based on the bank set limits.

    Is Instapay availed for QNB bebasata clients?
    Yes you can do the following:
    • You can process transfers using bebasata mobile app/online banking through either ACH transfer or IPN transfer type
    • You can add QNB bebasata account in your instapay profile defining QNB ALAHLI as one of your accounts by adding your bebasata debit card
    • You can receive money to your QNB bebasata account using instapay

    What if I receive an incoming transfer in foreign currency that is not offered in QNB bebasata?
    We will obtain your confirmation via your authorized email to be sent to to exchange the incoming transfer to any of the currencies of your available accounts where it will be credited. 

    What is the email notification service and are its benefits?
    It is an informative service where you receive an email with attached copy of the incoming/outgoing transfer transaction to/from your account; also, it informs you with any rejected and returned ACH outgoing transfer along with the reason, if any.

    Can I have my salary transferred to QNB bebasata accounts?
    Yes, you can transfer your salary normally to QNB bebasata accounts on individual basis case; however, QNB bebasata value proposition does not include any payroll offers.

    Bill payment & disputes

    Bill payment
    What if I made unsuccessful bill payment transaction using “Fawry network”?
    You can submit a dispute request to QNB bebasata through with attaching all supporting documents and info. 

    Which account will be used for bill payment?
    Current account.

    What can I pay using Fawry bill payment service available in mobile app?
    You can pay your bills, utilities, bookings, donations, etc… though the bill payment service in the bebasata mobile app using Fawry Network.

    Are there tariffs for bill payments?
    Yes, but very reasonable; for more information, please check our website.

    How will I know that the dispute status?
    We will send you an email informing you with the dispute status and in case of being accepted; the refund will take place in your current account.

    How can I submit a dispute request?
    You can dispute any transaction related to your Debit Card, credit card, or ATM deposits, right through the mobile app. Press on Settings à Dispute management for more info, please contact Customer Experience Management Team 16607. 


    Can I have an e-statement for my accounts?
    Yes, you will get an e-statement for all your accounts separately on your mobile app and internet banking.

    Can I use my debit card internationally for POS & Cash withdrawal?
    Yes of course, while respecting the bank set limits.

    When will I as a youth client be an adult client and enjoy the adult’s benefits?
    When s/he turns 21 years.

    Can I obtain a secured or unsecured credit card?
    No, you can’t, as it’s available for adults only.

    Can I get a secured loan against my CD?
    No, you can’t as it’s available for adults only.

    Can I proceed any foreign currency transfer?
    No, it’s available for adults only.

    Will I obtain a notification email service for my transfers?
    Yes, you will receive email notification service for ACH transfer in EGP.

    Can I do swift transfer in foreign currency?
    No, it’s available for adults only.

    Is there any maximum limit on my deposits balance?
    Yes, the maximum limit that you can have in all your depository products is EGP 100,000. If you exceed this limit, there would be stoppage on your deposits till we obtain your guardian’s signature on the deposit’s declaration form. For more info, please call us at 16607.  

    What if I received an incoming transfer in foreign currency?
    It will be credited to your EGP account in equivalent, after receiving your approval through your authorized email.

    Can I open account in foreign currency?
    The youth clients can open account in EGP only.

    What is the minimum age for the youth to become a client?
    Starting 15-year-old

    Are youth debit card limits same as adults’ limits?
    No, they are a bit lower. For more information, please visit our website. 

    Can I issue a TD or CD?
    Yes, you can.

    Updating my info

    Updating my info
    How can I update my information?

       Employment type

       Occupation (copy of HR letter shall be attached)

       Field of activity

       Employer name (copy of HR letter shall be attached)

       Employer Business Address (details, city and district)

       Average monthly income

       Education level

       Home address                      

    • You can update any of the following contact information directly through the mobile app/online banking (authentication using your username and password + token:
             Mobile Number

       Work / home phone number

       e-mail address

       Work Address


    How can I protect my password?
    • Choose passwords with the following characteristics:
    • Not less than 8 characters in length.
    • Away from any personal identification or could easily be guessed (i.e. birthday, telephone number, …).
    • Avoid using simple passwords and must comply with complexity.
    • requirements (i.e. Contains letters, numbers and special characters, in caps and small).
    • Never use password as or close to system user name.
    • Change passwords periodically (at least every 90 days and preferable less).
    • Do not use passwords that are used previously for 4 times before.
    • Do not write down or disclose your password anywhere or to anybody whatever the reason.
    • Change your password immediately whenever you suspect any suspicious action on internet banking.
    • Never place cards password close your cards.

    What is the OTP?
    OTP stands for a “one-time password” which you will receive via SMS. You will use it to verify your identification and protect your transactions against any risks.

    What should I pay attention to so that I can protect my banking info?
    You should not give the username, password, card numbers, client ID to anyone to access your account under any circumstances.

    What should I do in case there is a suspicious action or transaction on my user access account, or accounts or personal details?
    You should call Customer Experience Management Team 16607 immediately for further investigation & support.


    How can I get be-token and activate it?
    Login bebasata app>> main menu>> be-token>> assign new be-token>> confirm>> choose one of those options>> press on: install try again or land to store (apple app store/google play) to download and install be-token or be-token Is installed on another device>> open be-link application>> create 4 digit password >>ok>> copy first OTP of 17 digits >> paste it on bebasata app>> activate

    Can I make transfers/payments without be-token?
    You can make transfers between your bebasata accounts and settle your bebasata credit card without be-token, any other transfers/payments require be-token.