Up to EGP 1,000,000 !

We offer a secured loan against CD in EGP from 6 months up to 10 years with a minimum loan amount of EGP 5,000 and a maximum of EGP 1,000,000 - you can extend the loan duration at any time. We offer several solutions to make sure that the installment is suitable for your income.

Up to EGP 1,000,000 !
Apply Instantly!
Apply Instantly!

Apply for the secured loan, and in a few minutes, your loan will be credited to your account, and you will be able to cover your expenses without losing your CD.

  • Available in EGP only.

  • Collateral: QNB bebasata CDs only.

  • Minimum loan amount is EGP 5,000.

  • Maximum loan amount is EGP 1 Mio (including all granted secured facilities from QNB bebasata). 

  • Financing ratio is up to 90% from CD principal.

  • Tenor: minimum 6 months and maximum 10 years.

  • Installment type: fixed and paid monthly.

  • Loan rate in this calculator is based on CD rate with monthly interest payment +2% .


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the secured loan?

    EGP Secured Loan against CDs is a loan that allows you to cover your expenses without losing your savings; here we grant you a loan secured against your bebasata CD.

  • What are the available durations of the loan?

    The loan duration starts from 6 months and can reach up to 120 months.

  • What is the minimum / maximum amount of secured loan?

    Minimum amount is EGP 5,000 and maximum amount is up to EGP 1,000,000 including all secured facilities.

  • Who can apply for the secured loan?

    Adults only, youths are not eligible.