Install your purchasing up to 36 months!

Get your secured credit card against your CD or unsecured credit card against your club membership. Install your purchasing using bebasata special programs on 6, 9, 12, 24, and 36 months. You can apply for your credit card through the application, and in a few days you will receive your card at your place. Remember that we always promise that your card fees are on us.

Install your purchasing up to 36 months!
  • Available in EGP only.

  • The card can be fully secured against QNB bebasata CDs or unsecured against your club membership (clubs list identified by the bank).

  • Installment program is available up to 36 Months with minimum transaction amount 500EGP.

  • Can be used locally and internationally.

  • It is a contactless card.

  • You will receive SMS after each purchase transaction. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of your credit card?

    By using the bebasata credit card, you can enjoy the contactless service of buying whatever you wish instantaneously and easily while paying safely later on with free issuance / renewal fees. You can easily shop, pay, and withdraw cash within the limits offered to you locally & internationally. On the other hand, you can settle your credit card dues easily through our online banking & mobile app.

  • Are there issuance/renewal fees for my credit card?

    No issuance/renewal fees for your credit card.

  • What are the types of credit card that you offer?

    Fully secured - against your CD (Limit is up to 80% of the CD principal amount) Unsecured - against club membership.

  • I have received my credit card, but how can I know the PIN?

    When you receive your credit card, the PIN will be sent with another courier separately. If you did not receive the PIN , please call 16607 Customer Experience Management Team and they will handle your request.