Your account fees are on us!

Current account is the default account which requires EGP 1 as a minimum balance to be opened. You can also withdraw cash via ATM whenever you need. Current account is also available in several foreign currencies: USD & EUR.

Your account fees are on us!
Enjoy the fastest and easiest banking transactions with bebasata current account!
Enjoy the fastest and easiest banking transactions with bebasata current account!

You can easily perform all your money transfers and payment transactions using your current account in EGP. The minimum age is 16 years for youth & 21 years for adults.


Jan 13, 2021, 16:32 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is current account available in USD & EUR only?

    While designing our products, we have always considered your basic needs and the products and services you use most. For this reason, we just included these two most commonly used foreign currencies in Egypt. Later, we might present more foreign currencies based on your banking needs.

  • How can I deposit money to my current account?

    You can do an electronic money transfer from another account. You can also use all QNB ALAHLI ATMs that accept cash deposits to deposit cash into your current account in EGP. Since we are providing services only through digital channels, we expect you to use QNB ALAHLI branches only for the below exceptional cases: For cash deposit / withdrawal with amounts greater than your debit cards limit.  For cash deposit / withdrawal in foreign currency.

  • What is the Current Account?

    It’s your main account where all your main account transactions occur from. It’s non-earning interest account, but you can enjoy fast, easy transactions. You can use your money in this account whenever you want. You can easily and smoothly make your transfers and payments through this account.

  • What is the minimum opening balance for current account?

    Minimum opening balance is EGP 1.